Symphony orchestras, classical musicians: services and products

Welcome to Symphony Services International, an international provider of services and products for symphony orchestras and classical musicians, conductors and soloists.

We have the specialist expertise and experience to support talented musicians, both established and emerging.

Symphony Services International offers high quality orchestral music products and services:

  • The Symphony Services Music Library (over 460,000 items): orchestral sets and scores, opera, vocal and choral material.
  • The Goodear Acoustic Shield; Goodear Editions, Program Notes (3,500 annotations); Surtitles for vocal works.
  • The ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards; Conductor and Composer Development programs.
  • Tour co-ordination for Australian artists: visa, travel and accommodation.

Symphony Services International: the one stop shop for all things orchestral.

Symphony Services International was formerly known as Symphony Australia.