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2013 Finalists announced!

After a grueling month of nation-wide auditions, 12 young performers have been selected to proceed to the Finals for the 2013 ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards. The 12 talented musicians vying for the title of Young Performer of the Year are;

Stefan Cassomenos – Piano (VIC, 28)
Grace Clifford – Violin (NSW, 14)
Anna Da Silva Chen – Violin (NSW, 16)
Anne-Marie Johnson – Violin (VIC, 21 )
Andrew Kawai – Oboe (VIC, 14)
Sarah Kim – Cello (VIC, 23)
Hoang Pham – Piano (VIC, 27)
Alex Raineri – Piano (QLD, 20)
Jonathon Ramsay – Euphonium (NSW, 19)
Robbin Reza – Piano (NSW, 18)
Brijette Tubb – Flute (QLD, 24)
Harry Ward – Violin (NSW, 17)

The Finals will take place in Melbourne, in three stages, over nine days from October 4 – 12. There will be four recitals concerts that will take place in the Iwaki auditorium at the ABC Southbank Centre on October 4 and 5 with three performers playing a full recital program in each concert.

After the recitals concerts on October 4 & 5, six finalists will be selected to proceed to the next stage of the finals – the chamber music round. In the chamber music round, the six finalists will collaborate with musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to prepare and perform a chamber music work. These works will be performed in two concerts on Wednesday October 9 in the Iwaki Auditorium with three performers featuring in each concert.

After the chamber music concerts on October 9, three finalists will be selected to proceed to the next and last stage of the finals – the concerto round. The three finalists selected will perform their nominated concerto with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christopher Seaman in the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday October 12.

All concerts in each stage of the finals will be open to the public and broadcast live on ABC Classic FM.

For more details regarding the concert and broadcast times please visit our YPA page.