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Artist Development

David Foster

For many years, Symphony Australia has managed a national Artist Development program on behalf of its Member orchestras. The program has provided opportunities for Australian composers, conductors and performers and has incorporated the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards.

The orchestras have identified that there is duplication between this national artist development program and their own activities in this area, which have developed significantly over recent years. As a result, from 2016 we will substantially reduce our Artist Development program and from 2017 Symphony Australia will cease its Artist Development activities. The orchestras’ individual programs will continue to provide a wide range of training and professional development opportunities, and they remain fully committed to supporting young Australian artists who show potential and are likely to make their career as musicians.

In 2016 we will continue to host a number of artist development activities and if you require further detail about these, please contact the Artist Development Coordinator Anna Howell at howella@symphonyinternational.net.

However, from 2017 Artist Development activities will cease to be offered nationally through Symphony Australia, and opportunities will instead be provided by the individual orchestras, reflecting a national focus while also addressing their own state’s particular priorities. The orchestras will collaborate to ensure a range of programs is available to meet the needs of developing artists and Symphony Australia will collate these into a database that can be accessed by any young artist for up-to-date information about opportunities in their state. We will also incorporate a number of relevant opportunities that are not hosted by our member orchestras.