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Symphony Services International has relationships with a range of consultants  who are experienced in working in the arts, and particularly in classical music and the orchestral sector.  We can broker your next consultancy by assisting you to write your brief, develop your budget and timeframe, put the brief out to a range of relevant consultants, select and engage the consultant, make payments including fee, superannuation and deducting tax, manage the consultancy and the reporting process.  Taking the headache out of the consultancy process, Symphony Services International will help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Consultants in our database include freelancers, partners in companies, individuals and teams.  We cover a range of expertise from financial to strategic planning, grant writing, artistic and general administration, marketing, publicity and pretty much anything else you might need.  If you can’t find the expertise you’re looking for on our database, we’ll go out of our way to find the right person for you.

This is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to conduct your next consultancy. For further details please contact:

Kate Lidbetter, Chief Executive Officer

+61 (0)2 8622 9466

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