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Catherine Brown-Watt

Cathy Brown-Watt is a highly respected arts manager. Her broad career spans academia, (cognitive sciences and research methodology), arts companies (presenting and advocacy organisations), venues and government bodies, including management of the Major Performing Arts Inquiry and the implementation of its recommendations.

This experience underpins her strengths:

  • a focus on achievable outcomes, be that in strategic planning, governance or liaison with government;
  • effectiveness and efficiency, with timely delivery of quality outcomes;
  • strong stakeholder management skills, recognising the importance of clarifying and respecting the views of all parties in developing solutions;
  • good communication skills, including the ability to provide simple, clear articulation of complex issues and develop clear, tight, logical arguments in submissions and reports; and
  • strong government relations skills, through a detailed understanding of Federal/State relations, the importance of government policy frameworks in informing government decisions, and the structure of the interactions between Ministers, Ministerial staff, Departmental staff and government agency staff.