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Goetz Richter

A diverse background in music, philosophy, pedagogy and performance provides me with a unique constellation of experience. I have a range of creative, intellectual and social abilities which enable me to engage with musicians, musical ensembles and their administrations effectively.

I can focus people emotionally and intellectually towards a Common Good. I can communicate with musicians and managers, lead shifts in organisational paradigms and behaviour, and facilitate organisational truthfulness and trust which underpin the sustainable solutions of critical issues.

I have a high level, practical understanding of music and musical performance. I understand the complex emotional and intellectual characteristics of performing musicians. I have highly developed analytical and critical skills and a capacity to think clearly. I have a detailed knowledge of Australian and international orchestras, their administrative, artistic, financial and human resource realities and I understand their cultural and political challenges.

I can assist organisations who are seeking to:

– improve communication among musicians and between musicians and managers;

–  build organisational engagement and internal leadership;

– develop their strategic- and artistic planning;

– renew ethical attitudes;

– articulate their cultural identity and purpose in a meaningful way.