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Mairi Nicolson

After graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music majoring in piano and singing, I have spent the past 30 years as a broadcaster  with the ABC and the BBC for 30 years.  This has led to a unique breadth of experience as a public speaker as well as a radio host with a close connection with classical music. I’ve long observed that professional musicians and conductors have very limited training to develop Media and Communications skills. In addition to their ability to play at the top of their profession, their decades of training and professional experience could be utilized in live concert, marketing and media, and educational situations, to enhance their  profile and revenue. These activities I’ve found profoundly improve the self esteem of the musicians and their connection with their audiences.

In today’s information-rich world, audiences are hungry to know more about the strange ritual on the concert platform that moves them in ways they find thrilling but often find incomprehensible. They want to hear the musicians’ stories and their insights into the music they play.

Since 2006 I have formalized my ideas into a series of MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS workshops that focus on introductory public speaking and radio interviewing techniques.  These workshps have received excellent feedback from the musicians and managements from organisations including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Australian National Academy of Music.  I have also trained several individuals from outside the music world.