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Goodear website launched!

Now with more than 70 orchestras and organisations around the world using the Goodear Acoustic Shield, we’re proud to launch a new website which showcases this revolutionary WHS product.

The website is packed with images of the shield as well as useful new features such as product specifications, a list of users, interviews, testimonials, FAQs and one-click functionality to easily contact us and share information about the shield with others on social media.

Hearing protection for children involved in music making is just as important as for professional musicians and so we’ve included a dedicated page to introduce the Goodear Acoustic Shield to schools and universities.

The Goodear website serves as the new portal for Symphony Services International’s product range and you’ll find links to our other products: Goodear Editions, Goodear Notes and Goodear Surtitles.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the new Goodear website so please visit and discover it now!