International Artists



Payment of fees

Symphony Services International  provides a range of specialised financial services to orchestral clients and artists, including procuring an Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), and Australian superannuation fund membership for artists who have not previously worked in Australia; making fee payments on the client’s behalf, and remitting tax and superannuation according to legislative requirements.


Payment of all artists’ tour fees is subject to Australian taxation and superannuation legislation.  A payment summary showing amounts paid, tax withheld, superannuation contributions and any other applicable payments and/or deductions will be provided at the end of the tour.

Symphony Services International can assist in obtaining a TFN and an ABN for an individual.  Non-resident artists are required to have a TFN and an ABN, otherwise, tax will be withheld from their fees at the highest rate of 49%.

For further information about Australian taxation please see the Australian Taxation Office


Superannuation is a compulsory retirement savings contribution made by an employer on behalf of an artist.  All fees payable to artists are subject to superannuation at a rate of 9.5%.  Symphony Services International will deduct and contribute 9.5% of the artist’s fees and lodge this into an approved Australian superannuation fund.  Our default fund for international artists is Australian Super. Please see for further information.

Neither Symphony Services International nor the orchestras can act on behalf of the artist in accessing information on their superannuation account.  The artist must contact Australian Super directly.

Important notes

Neither Symphony Services International nor the orchestras are registered tax agents and cannot advise on personal tax matters.  Any information given is general and does not take into account your personal situation.  We also do not provide advice on superannuation, visas or other areas of financial management.  We recommend that all artists and their managers seek professional advice from specialists in these areas.