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MSO connects with deaf students

MSO-Deaf-600Earlier in the year, students from the Victorian College for the Deaf (VCD) joined music educator Karen Kyriakou and British-born practising and profoundly deaf musician Danny Lane for a day of musical exploration with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

The aim was to open up the world of music to deaf children and inspire them to compose and perform their own music. The day commenced with the students experiencing an orchestral rehearsal at Hamer Hall, followed by a workshop led by Karen, Danny and a small team of MSO musicians.

Danny said that the pleasure of music doesn’t just come from listening to it… ‘for me it’s more than that; it’s about the experience of working with a group, interacting, sharing creative ideas, socialising.’

‘Deafness is a very isolating experience. Music changes that. It’s an amazing tool that brings the community together,’ Lane continued.

MSO-Deaf-250The workshop formed part of a collaborative Australian tour between Music and the Deaf UK and Kyriakou’s Melbourne-based educational music projects organisation, TEMPO Inc. which aims to support investigation into more inclusive ways of bringing authentic musical experiences to deaf children in Australia.

See a short video of the workshop.