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Welcome to Issue 18 of The Podium. Things have been busy here at Symphony Australia, as we consolidate our vast library collection and archival materials. It has been fascinating going through some of the older, more historical documents that have been uncovered through this process. We are ensuring anything that is valuable or potentially of historic interest is either retained or sent to the National Library of Australia. Our rich history with the Australian symphony orchestras and the ABC is a source of pride to us and, from time to time, academic interest to others.

In this edition, Gordon Williams interviews some of the orchestral personnel who have left Australia to work in major orchestras overseas. A kind of ‘where are they now?’, this article considers the place of Australian orchestras in a world context, as well as catching up with some familiar names.

Our Speed Read will provide some interesting reading from around the globe, news from the SSI Music Library, and we are happy to feature our Associate, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.


Kate Lidbetter
Chief Executive Officer

Offshore Perspectives

Gordon Williams talks to former colleagues now working overseas to gain a sense of the current state of orchestral music and where Australian orchestras fit in the world. Read his article.

Goodear Editions releases score and parts of Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht

Schoenberg’s early masterpiece Verklärte Nacht Op. 4 for string sextet baffled the Viennese audience at its premiere in 1902 with its highly chromatic soundworld. Nowadays it is one of Schoenberg’s most popular and frequently performed works, particularly in the version for string orchestra which the composer arranged in 1917 and reworked in 1943.

Goodear Editions has now released newly typeset score and parts of the 1943 string orchestra version, drawing on all available published sources to resolve inconsistencies and errors. As with other Goodear Editions, the new string parts have been carefully edited and engraved to ensure clarity and legibility. Perhaps the most important and practical improvement is that they contain workable page-turns which were frustratingly absent in the original Associated Music Publishers parts.

The full score includes a program note by David Garrett and an English translation of Richard Dehmel’s poem on which Schoenberg based his composition – these may be reprinted free of charge by users of the edition. Verklärte Nacht (GE 0071) is available only in print format and in countries where the copyright of the work has expired.

Purchase now from the Goodear online shop or hire from the Symphony Services Music Library via email.

Featured Orchestra: Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra presents a full season of symphonic work showcasing many of the world’s finest classical musicians. Sitting alongside this activity is their award-winning APO Connecting programme of education, outreach and community initiatives. Get the full story.

Speed Read

Some news from other parts of the world: