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Welcome to the August edition of The Podium. We delayed publication of this issue to bring you some wonderful news – from 2017 the Music and Opera Singers Trust (MOST) will take on the running and presentation of the Young Performers Awards (previously known as the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards).

MOST has a long history of presenting competitions in Australia, including the Australian Singing Competition and the Australian Cello Awards. It also offers a wide range of awards for talented musicians, and Symphony Australia and the symphony orchestras have had a fruitful relationship with the organisation through the reciprocal provision of prizes in our respective competitions. ABC Classic FM will continue its long history with the competition by broadcasting the event, and the symphony orchestras will remain the key performing partners through the presentation of the Grand Final concerts. The symphony orchestras will remain key partners through the presentation of concerts and provision of performance prizes.

I know that many readers will be delighted at this news and I look forward to working with MOST and the ABC to ensure a smooth transition.

In this edition of The Podium, we feature an article that was first written for an academic journal. Many readers will know our WHS product, the Goodear Acoustic Shield. This shield was originally designed with orchestral musicians in mind, as a solution to the hearing issues that were being experienced by some musicians due to noise exposure. Since then, the shield has gone from strength to strength and is now a patented product sold to orchestras and bands in Australia and around the world.

Warwick Williams from the National Acoustic Laboratories was instrumental in the design and development of the shield, and has always been a strong supporter. Together with Gordon Williams, he wrote the article featured in this edition. It explores how orchestral culture can positively affect the introduction of an important WHS tool.

As always, the Speed Read provides some interesting international perspectives, and we are happy to feature our Associate, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


Kate Lidbetter
Chief Executive Officer

Occupational noise management for orchestral musicians: Changing workplace culture

We look at the history of occupational noise management for orchestral musicians, and the development of the Goodear Acoustic Shield. Read the article by G Williams, W Williams and K Lidbetter.

Featured Orchestra: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

One of the world’s oldest national symphony orchestras, its reputation for artistic excellence attracts many of the world’s leading conductors and soloists. This year, the NZSO was nominated for Best Orchestral Performance at the prestigious Grammy Awards. Read more

Speed Read

Here’s a fine article about classical music in China.

And one on the passing of the classical record store.

And finally, some lessons from the first New York Opera Fest.