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Last edition of The Podium for 2012

The year has flown by, and this is our final edition of The Podium for 2012.  I recently travelled to Macau to participate in the Alliance of Asian and Pacific Region Orchestras (AAPRO) conference.  Discussing the enormous issue of orchestral innovation, around 65 delegates from Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia gathered to network and learn from each other.  The keynote address was provided by Jesse Rosen, President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras.  His thoughtful views on orchestras in the 21st century, and the seven important areas that we should all consider, can be found in my run-down on the conference.  Summaries of some of the other panel discussions can also be read by clicking here.

In each issue we try to bring you an interesting or unique perspective that you won’t have seen elsewhere.  This time, we’re pleased to provide an article by Antony Ernst, who many will remember from his roles at the Sydney Symphony, Auckland Philharmonia and Sydney Youth Orchestras.  Antony now resides on the other side of the world; he’s Délégué Artistique (Artistic Planning Manager) at the Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg.  His analysis of the differences and similarities between orchestras in the Antipodes and Europe makes for great reading.

Our resident writer Gordon Williams treats us to an interview with David Starkey, director of the Asheville Lyric Opera in North Carolina.  Gordon’s travels throughout the United States have provided a number of gems throughout the last few years, and this interview does not disappoint.

Read also about our featured Associate, Orchestra Victoria; dip into a selection of media clippings from around the world and consider our Tip Tip on clearing copyright when reproducing photographs.

Until next year....

Kate Lidbetter

Philosophical questions and other practical considerations: Antony Ernst in Strasbourg.

Antony Ernst recently moved to Europe to take up a position with the Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg after terms as CEO of Sydney Youth Orchestras and Manager of Artistic Planning for the Auckland Philharmonia. Here he reflects on what he has learnt in his first year in France.

‘A Natural Fit’ – an opera company and its community in North Carolina

Asheville Lyric Opera (ALO) is a small, regional company situated in a small city nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, about 334 miles or 537 ½ kms from the Atlantic coast. It presents a season each year in the intimate 500-seat Diana Wortham Theater and has been getting stronger since its inception in 1999. Gordon Williams interviews its director, David Starkey.

Orchestra Victoria

Orchestra Victoria is a major performing arts organisation that makes a significant and valuable contribution to the vibrant cultural identity of the state of Victoria delivering a programme of artistic excellence. Find out more about our featured orchestra.

Top tip: Copyright on photos

In these days of digital media, the Internet is a valuable source of useful – and free – images. Unfortunately, it is also rife with websites that infringe copyright by posting images without having first sought the proper licence or permission. How do you know if a photograph is out of copyright?

In Australia Copyright Law is set out in the Copyright Act 1968 and is very complex. However these are a few very general rules:

  • Copyright lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years
  • Copyright has expired on photos taken before 1 January 1955
  • Copyright of a photo is generally owned by the photographer but this depends on the circumstances under which it was taken.

More information can be found on the Australian Copyright Council’s website.

Speed Read: articles worth looking into

A selection of articles to think about:

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And something to celebrate at the finish.

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