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QSO farewells Maestro Johannes Fritzsch

QSO-600As the Queensland Symphony Orchestra continues to reach important milestones in audience growth and orchestral acclaim, the company is preparing to farewell Maestro Johannes Fritzsch after seven years of musical leadership as Chief Conductor.

Maestro Fritzsch is set to shine in the QSO limelight in the Fritzsch Grand Finale concert on Saturday 29 November — Mahler’s triumphant Symphony No.3. With over 100 musicians under his command, this concert promises to be an emotional yet celebratory journey as he guides the QSO through the epic score. This performance will also feature mezzo-soprano Deborah Humble and Voices of Birralee directed by Paul Holley.

‘When I joined the QSO in June 2013, I discovered an orchestra of the highest calibre led by Johannes Fritzsch, an excellent Chief Conductor. His contribution cannot be overstated, he has embedded this orchestra with true musicality, the essence of musical greatness, and there is always a baton for him here,’ said QSO Chief Executive Officer, Ms Sophie Galaise.

In a move mirroring the world’s leading orchestras, and as a first for any Australian orchestra, QSO earlier this year announced a Soloist-in-Residence program with Shlomo Mintz, one of the world’s most acclaimed virtuoso violinists, set to join the company in 2015.