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QSO goes West


In October 2016, Queensland Symphony Orchestra travelled nearly 1,000 km to Chinchilla, Roma and surrounding areas – all towns which don’t usually get the opportunity to see QSO locally. Nearly 1,500 people were engaged in the Chinchilla Miles and Roma (CMR) Initiative and the tour culminated in a free community concert, where local musicians played alongside QSO in front of an audience of more than 350.

A 12-piece QSO ensemble presented instrument demonstrations to primary and secondary schools, as well as the community concert band and string ensemble. Professional development was also provided for teachers.

The CMR Initiative was also the first time QSO’s new graphite instruments hit the road, giving the audience the very first glimpse of the stunning black instruments, designed to better endure all weather and the bustle of transportation.

The Orchestra received overwhelmingly positive feedback – from teachers who said their students are now much more confident players, to children who want to pick up an instrument because they loved the music they heard, with one exclaiming ‘I want to play French horn because I heard it playing the Star Wars theme song.’

The Chinchilla Miles Roma Initiative builds on QSO’s Gladstone Enrichment through Music Initiative, a legacy project which focuses on musical education in the Gladstone region. Both initiatives are made possible through the support of QSO’s Principal Partner, Australia Pacific LNG.