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QSO plays for all Queenslanders


Photo courtesy of Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

QSO’s commitment to reaching Queenslanders wherever they live saw a three-fold increase in QSO’s regional touring program in 2014. As the second largest state in Australia, this is a significant achievement and highlights QSO’s strong commitment to engage with communities to provide access to great music and champion music education.

The use of new technology learning through webinars, and for the first time digital streaming of concerts, saw QSO’s community engagement activities last year reach wider and further across the state than ever before. In 2014, QSO engaged with more than 1.1 million people. More than 22,000 of these participated in QSO education activities including students from 115 schools across the state. Continuing this active commitment, in 2015 QSO musicians will travel to 12 regional centres, delivering 22 concerts in addition to hands-on workshops and demonstrations in centres as far afield as Cairns, Longreach, Gladstone, Mount Isa, Moranbah and Rockhampton.

“Having the QSO here has really benefitted our kids. Our Symphonic Band just got into the state finals for Fanfare. They saw how playing as a group and working on their own individual technique can get them to the next stage in their ensemble’s practices, so it’s valuable beyond compare to anything.” Angie Clifton, Music Teacher, Gladstone State High School