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The virtual reality of the ASO

ASO-VR-600The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has formed a world-leading partnership with Adelaide-based company Jumpgate Virtual Reality to present their first project – The Classics Unwrapped Virtual Reality Concert Series.

Thanks to pioneering technology and using state-of-the-art Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets, audiences had the chance to experience 360-degree views of the orchestra and immersive sound at a special event earlier this year.

ASO-Virtual-Reality-250The vision is as realistic as it gets – filmed during the ASO’s Classics Unwrapped concert at the Adelaide Town Hall on 6 May 2015. A small camera tree comprising 16 GoPro cameras was placed in front of conductor Guy Noble, plus another camera at the front of the stage. The concert featured over 60 musicians on stage performing music by composers including Sibelius, Strauss and Haydn.

The project even got a mention in the Los Angeles Times.

Jumpgate Virtual Reality will also present the Classics Unwrapped Virtual Reality Concert Series at the Adelaide Film Festival this October which is free to check out. More info.