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WASO on the Road tour to Geraldton: ‘The Sound of Picture Books’

West Australian Symphony Orchestra in partnership with The Literature Centre

WASO-Geraldton-600Each year, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra tours chamber ensembles to regional centres as part of its week-long WASO on the Road touring program. In September this year, WASO on the Road saw a  string quintet head to Geraldton and it was a huge success!

WASO joined forces with The Literature Centre to present The Sound of Picture Books to over 2,300 children and community members. Featuring Matt Ottley and Danny Parker’s beautiful story book Tree, the program is a unique and exciting way of experiencing this acclaimed Australian book with a poignant story that explores the cycle of life, the turn of seasons, survival of the fittest and the delicacy of the natural world.

Audiences in Geraldton heard Danny Parker narrate his text with Matt Ottley’s illustrations projected on a large screen, and Matt’s score performed by a WASO string quintet and pianist Alf Demagi. Following a short introduction to their instruments by each of the musicians, Matt then explained how he created both the music and the oil-painted illustrations for Tree. Finally, Danny led the children through a dramatic interpretation of the book, once again accompanied by the music.

In addition to these school performances, the quintet also performed a special concert at Nazareth House nursing home, and were even seen one beautiful afternoon performing a surprise ‘pop up’ concert at the local Dome Café.