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West Australian Symphony Orchestra – musically mindful of employee wellbeing

Music is vital to our health and well-being, so let’s not forget those who bring music to life – from musicians to our behind-the-scenes staff, West Australian Symphony Orchestra is committed to bringing extraordinary music to the Western Australian community and their health and wellbeing is just as important to us as the performances they share with audiences.

WASO has a wide range of initiatives to support the physical and mental wellbeing of orchestra and administration staff. Our Human Resources team collaborates with many organisations, including Star Physio who assist musicians with their physical wellbeing and provide ergonomic assessments to administration staff.

On Friday 16 November WASO and Perth Concert Hall employees wore their favourite Australian music t-shirts as part of Ausmusic T-shirt Day, a new initiative by Support Act who raise funds for artists and music workers experiencing financial hardship, ill health, injury or mental health issues. WASO is delighted to encourage and highlight services such as the Wellness Helpline, which is especially important for many gig workers (short-term, casual employees) who may be unable to access the full range of support services and benefits offered to full-time employees.

By supporting our employees and colleagues holistically WASO is creating a happy and healthy workplace.

As WASO’s Human Resources Coordinator Narelle Coghill points out: ’We believe that by raising the profile for healthy workplaces and working to address mental ill health early on, we are creating stability and support that is important for our company to succeed.