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Young conductors hone their skills with TSO

Aspiring conductor Alexander Rodrigues works with the TSO

Conducting is a mysterious profession, and Australia’s orchestras have had some success in teaching young musicians the skills required. Symphony Australia’s national training program was handed back to the six symphony orchestras last year, and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra now leads the way in training aspiring Australian conductors from all over the country.

Over 9 days in late January, the TSO welcomed 11 up-and-coming conductors, all aged in their 20s and 30s, to the inaugural Australian Conducting Academy Summer School. This joint venture between the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the University of Tasmania saw participants work with acclaimed conductor Johannes Fritzsch in Hobart. Taking a holistic approach to the art of conducting, course participants attended yoga classes as well as participating in workshops with a mime artist in order to fully grasp the finer points of gestural communication. Artistic Administrators from Australia and New Zealand observed the final days of the course with the aim of identifying potential orchestral leaders of the future. TSO is proud to be investing in the artistic future of the symphony orchestras through the annual Conducting Academy.